Man Food!

As a pre-fathers day treat I decided to cook Bill a special dinner on Saturday night and so set about making burgers.  Home made burgers are so superior to shop bought and only take a few minutes to make, I can never fully understand why I ever buy them! I think its one of those things, like meatballs, that seems to take longer and more effort in my memory than in truth. 
Anyway the burgers went down very well, although his second one knocked him for six and I spent the evening listening to him snoring on the sofa! Oh well...

Mediterranean Lamb burgers
Makes four quarter pounder size and a small one for the dog!

You'll need
500gms Minced Lamb
200gms sausage meat from Tesco tomato and rosemary sausages
1 onion
1 mild green chili pepper
6/7 sunblush tomatoes
2 cloves garlic
handful parsley

After squeezing the meat out of the sausages, throw everything in your food processor and pulse until its all chopped and combined.  Take handfuls of the mix and form burgers, whatever way you prefer.  Fry in olive oil for about 8 minutes each side on a hot pan.

Serve in a rustic wholegrain bap with sliced cheese, tomato ketchup and some mint mayonnaise.

Sit back and enjoy the in-between-bites compliments that rain down from appreciative menfolk! 


Ciara said...

Honestly. I think homemade (veggie in our case!) burgers, and proper homemade fried chips are the ultimate comfort food in my book.

Lisa Conmara said...

can i have your recipe for veggie burgers? I'd love to mkae them... one of my favorite lunches is a birds eye qtr pounder sandwich...!!!

Lo said...

Lamb burgers are a favorite at our house (As are veggie burgers!... we're a versatile bunch).

I can imagine that the addition of the sausage here makes for a flavorful burger. Thanks for the ideas.