Sausage on a stick

There is something strangely compulsory about sausages on sticks, you just cannot resist.  I imagine conversations around the world, "sausage?" "oh no thank you I already ate..." "..but its on a stick!" "oh well in that case..." Perhaps its the reminder of childhood jamborees,  or the party nostalgia it evokes... or maybe its because they are just so yummy, simple as they are!

Here is a recipe for luxury sausages (on sticks of course!)

You'll need

(per person)

2 jumbo pork sausages

2 quarters of a lemon

4 large sage leaves

Dijon mustard

1 skewer

Skewer the sausage, sage, lemon, sage, sausage, sage, and lemon, sage.  Rub each sausage with some mustard and barbeque on a low heat (thirty minute coals are perfect) until nicely brown all over. 

We always make a few extra sausages to prevent 'somebody' burning holes in our backs with her stares!


Ciara said...

Oh...little Bo. Cutest picture. And wow, she sure lives in style! Gourmet sausages. And just look at her house!

Beth said...

How could anyone resist a sausage on a stick. And I love the picture. I just recently got a new puppy and have to make extras for her.

Lisa Conmara said...

Its impossible to resist those sad eyes isn't it!!