...Anybody there?

Okay I am finally back, and I must apologise for saying I'd be back sooner... but the weather here has been so amazing I just couldn't tear my body out of the horizontal "sunningmeself" position!
We had such a weekend, choc full with barbeques which I will share with you shortly and the weekend carried over, its really only just ended as we went to the beach for the whole day monday and slipped down for a couple of hours more today!

Would you blame us? Look at that sky...


Beth said...

Glad you had a good time. It looks like it was beautiful. I also love the grill. I want to find one here in OKC. Can't wait to hear what you grilled.

Ciara said...

That looks cool! What a brilliant design.
ok I'm going to have to get one now. Thanks for the heads up!