Here I am!!

Phew! What a weekend, we went to Ciara and Jays Solstice party part deux and had a really lovely time! We camped in our camper of course, and you can see more about that over on We Heart Ladybird! After being ill last week I wasn't up to doing much baking so for the Solstice party I made two nice salads, an unusual sweet and sour salad with cucumber and a beetroot salad.

For the cucumber salad I mixed chopped cucumber with chopped mild chili, poppy seeds and coriander.  The dressing was two parts white wine vinegar to one part sunflower oil and one large tbsp of honey.
For the beetroot salad, I mixed chopped beetroot with one part mayo to one part yoghurt and stirred through some flaked almonds.
The food at the Solstice was really good, there was an amazing garlic tart made by Deirdre, Ciaras mum, and a millet salad which I really enjoyed, having kept birds for a while in my teens, I never imagined it used for our tables!  


Ciara said...

Thanks so much for your delicious contributions! Again!

Emily said...

Yum!!! Did you know that if you eat a poppy seed bagel and then have a blood test you test positive for drugs? Nuts hay!

Beth said...

Hope you're feeling better. You're salads looked wonderful. The beet salad is just beautiful.

Lisa said...

Thanks Ciara, it's deirdres tart I can't stop thinking about though! it was amazing!

Oh my GOD! Emily that must be an urban myth! Imagine trying to convince the judge it was "Its a bagel" that sold you the offending substances!

Beth, thank you I feel one hundred per cent again, the beet salad not only looks pretty but tastes wonderful, really good.

Emily said...

That is what I thought at first too but we did an experiment on it in Chem class. It is true!!