Something new...

I have always veered away from white fish and pasta dishes, I'm down with the salmons and the tunas in there, and of course the shellfishes are fine, but to be honest the mere mention of cod and penne, or mackeral and spaghetti and I would make sickey noises, maybe even demonstrate the finger in the throat action familiar to many celebrities.  "I love fish" said I,"but please serve it on a plate with nice veg, some potato and a nice sauce... Kedgeree I can just about handle but pasta and white fish - please show me the door..."

It just made me go Eeeeeuuuuuuuuuuuwwwwww.

However, I've been seeing it on a lot of menus lately and then O.M.G. doesn't dear old Gordon Ramsay put a recipe in his latest cookbook for haddock risotto... Since I like to be in with the times I had to at least give it a whirl and try it out.  Just once.  Then I could confidently say No No No its NOT for me!

Oh but oh oh... it is for me... Last night, with all the blinds drawn, and wearing a mask I cooked up a smoked haddock pasta and my my my it was Gooooo-oood.  It was goooooood, so good I ate far too much and  had to lie down.  I could not believe it.  

I sure all of you know how good this is already, and are rolling your eyes to heaven but everyone is entitled to an Eeeeuuuuuwwwww, my foodie friend Sarah can't eat anything with a shell, a mouth and one foot, and I think fair enough, my brother Ferg will leave the room if anyone has a fried egg and baked beans on the same plate let alone 'touching'... Everyone is entitled to a "I jist can't do it captain" and this was mine.

But I've broken through my barrier and now I'm a big fan.  Guys it was gorgeous.  Just delish!
Now all I am avoiding is the rancid or maggot infested cheese... and maybe someday I will jump on those bandwagons too! 

Smoked Haddock Spaghetti

250gms brown spaghetti
4 fillets smoked haddock
2 medium leeks, finely chopped
half an onion, finely chopped
125mls cream
handful of frozen peas
salt and pepper
a few sprigs of thyme

Put the haddock in a bowl with the thyme sprigs and cover with just boiled water.  In your pan 
sweat off your onions leeks and peas until translucent.  Add the cream and turn down the heat.  Take your fish from the bowl when it has gone slightly opaque and flake it into the pan with the onions etc.  On a low heat stir the mix until the peas are cooked and the fish is opaque. Season. Mix through cooked spaghetti and serve. 

Go on, make it and you'll thank me!


Emily said...

Hehehe. I'm so glad you are branching out. That is tooo funny. There are two foods that I will not eat. One being cream puffs and the other being whipped cream. Now there are a few exceptions to the second. If it has been made at home and is on a trifle I will accept it but other than that no way Jose!!!

Lisa Conmara said...

i love whipped cream - anytime anywhere! have you ever tried clotted cream? its beyond indulgence!

Emma said...

I love smoked haddock. It is one of my favourite winter foods, and Mum does an amazing pie with it. I've never had it with pasta though. Sounds interesting.

Emily said...

no i have never tried clotted cream but if it is like whipped cream chances are I will not eat it. Just typing whipped cream makes me shutter. I have heard of clotted cream but I don't think you can buy it here in Canada.