Risotto Rosa...

I have had a small tin of salmon in my press for ages... I bought it by accident in a big weekly shop and never realised that it was a tin of wild canadian red salmon, retailing at... wait for it...€14!!! For a little tin, when I twigged that I nearly died! I could have had a full fresh Irish salmon for that! Anyway I had been buying salmon in tins for Joe but this one was not going to suffer the fate of 50 percent being flung around the room! So I held onto it, waiting for an opportunity to use it, with its value in mind!

But last night, with our cupboards spacious and minimalist, I decided to use it in
 the dinner, and just as I was reaching for the trusty bag of penne I spied a half pack of arborio lurking in the shadows.  Risotto!

So I made a pink risotto, with salmon, and red onion.  Just follow my basic risotto recipe here, and add a tin of salmon (or fresh of course) and use red onion instead of white.

It was really good but next time I'll just pick up a couple of fresh wild darnes, at half the price!!


Ciara said...

Oooo! Salmon risotto! Nice one. Will definitely try that.

We had butternut squash risotto two nights ago, and last night I made your pasta sauce with the leftover squash. Wow... absolutely delicious. It's going on my list of weekly meals now, thanks!

Lisa Conmara said...

YEAY! I'm so delighted you tried it! So easy and DEEE-LISH!

Emily said...

WOW I never would have guessed that a tin of salmon would cost that much. I guess we just take our Canadian salmon for granted. At home we eat salmon pretty much every week. Granted none of it is tined. I have never had Salmon in risotto before, or from a tin for that matter. I will have to keep this in mind.

Lisa Conmara said...

oh emily isn't it crazy! of course Ireland is also famous for salmon (google Fionn mac Cumhaill to see why!), and its not expensive at all, I just didn't realise the tin I took was all the way from the wilds of canada! thats why it was so dear! but wow was it good! tinned salmon is like tinned tuna - nothing like the fresh stuff but really handy to have around!