Eh... hello?

I don't know if its ever happened to you, but our internet was down all weekend and to be honest I didn't handle it very well.  I felt claustrophobic, which was not the reaction I would have imagined.  What shocked me most was the disablement we felt, I would have said we use it as a hobby tool but when it was gone we realised just how much we use it.  
What happened was that something with very sharp teeth and a bout of loneliness chewed through our telephone wire... so when we discovered this had happened I sat down at the computer to find out what time the electrical store near us shut at... Doh! We'd have to ring them, whats the number... Doh! We drove down there but they were shut.  This happened all weekend, I also got text messages from people - did you get my email? Nooooooo! 

And I couldn't blog of course - the whole experience was like being locked into a room.  Isn't it funny how something you think you could do without turns out to be one of the most valuable tools you own?


Ciara said...

Argh! I hate that! What are we like!

I've tagged you by the way! Want to play?

Emily said...

I completely understand how you feel. You feel almost severed from the world when the Internet stops working. One of the worst experiences of my life was having the computer die the night before my term paper was due! Everything and i mean EVERYTHING was gone. I was awake until 5am rewriting my paper by hand!

Emma said...

Glad you're back online! I missed your blog.

Nicole said...

Oh I hate when my internet is down! It is sad... My mom always says, "What would your life be like without the computer?" Simpler????