I heart...

The Notebook Grill!

We got this after looking all through the internet for a portable barbeque, we wanted something light that would take up minimal space.  The notebook grill? Check and check! We'd seen it online and then came across it in our local supermarket so snapped it up!

It folds practically flat, and is ready to go in seconds! 
Brilliant gadget altogether - and only €30 in Tesco!!


Nicole said...

Wow. That looks cool and easy!

Hey I got the sweets you sent today! I love the anise ones. Haven't tried the other yet. Thank you sooo much. And it arrived on my birthday of all funny and happy coincidences!!

Emily said...

That is a cool little gadget. Does it work as well as it looks? Most barbeque's are big and clunky but this one is pretty enough to happily take into public.

Lisa Conmara said...

nicole - thats great! it was fun sending them!

emily - it works well, its really light. the only problem we could forsee taking it on a day out would be, would it cool down enough to take home?