Sunday Shining...

We got home from camping on Sunday lunchtime, after being evicted from our pitch by the campsite manager who was apologetic but firm, the space was needed by a large and ominous looking white motorhome who had arrived, either we paid for another night or shipped out by 12! 

So we found ourselves arriving back, a bit deflated, the sun still beating us from the skies, and nothing to do - which of course is the best part of camping but doesn't feel as good at home! So we rang Bills family and bullied them into letting us cook them dinner.  

We were up there like a shot, Barbeque lit, salads being tossed like there was no tomorrow. Although in Ireland, from a barbeque's perspective, everyday could be its last! Even as I type this the rain is pelting down and my sunburned shoulders are looking quizzically at me "did I dream this?"
Anyhoo, the barbeque was a great success, with good wines and great ingredients!  Let me share with you what we ate...

Cool Salmon skewers
For six

You'll need
4 large salmon darnes
1 small pot natural yoghurt
handful dill, finely chopped
juice of half a lemon
2 green peppers, chopped roughly

Chop the salmon into large pieces, and pop it into a bowl containing the yoghurt, dill, and lemon juice. Skewer between lumps of green pepper, season well and barbeque on one side only, they are done when the flesh is opaque throughout.

We served these, along with more of saturdays sausages, with cous cous, tossed with chopped peppers, feta cheese, and a dressing of oil, lemon juice and crushed garlic, and a potato salad, roughly chopped new potatoes, in their skins dressed in a mix of half sour cream to half mayonaisse, spring onions and parsley.  
BBQ TIP - Don't keep turning everything over and over, once is enough.  Oil your grill before starting and if you go to turn something and it sticks, its just not ready to turn, leave it a while linger and it'll turn over just fine.


Ciara said...

Now you've made me hungry! Right, I'm off to me kitchen...

Beth said...

That looks like quite the spread and also makes me hungry. I'm glad you had a good time.