Same old, same old...

I know, I know. I'm obsessed with jam or mashed fruit in chocolate cakes, has there been a cake I've made recently without the same method? Sorry but it is an obsession, I can't stop imagining the combinations...

Here are some I'm thinking about...

white chocolate and blueberry jam
darkest chocolate and ginger preserve...
dark chocolate and mashed banana (would it work?)

I made yet again a cake of this sort, becoming less and less like the original Nigella recipe, and more like my own... tweaking is such a huge part of baking, and I always find I try again and again until I find something people just can't eat without rubbing their tummy and saying "mmmm"... So brace yourselves for a spate of these cakes, as that is usually par for the course in my kitchen! Find something that works and rework it until you can do no more!

So I arrived to Ciara and Jays on friday with a pie as you know but also about 30 Raspberry and Pistachio Chocolate Brownies.... 

Lordy lordy... I think I ate ten of 'em...!
Raspberry and Pistachio Chocolate Brownies
(adapted from How to be a Domestic Goddess)

You'll need 
 250gms unsalted butter
250gms dark chocolate
400 gms tinned raspberries, strained and mashed (or use raspberry conserve)
4 eggs
250gms caster sugar
300gms self raising flour
150gms or so of pistachio nuts, blitz half to powder.

As per usual, melt the chocolate and butter together, add then the sugar and eggs, and then the fruit and stir.  Add the pistachio powder and the flour. Stir through some of the whole nuts. 
Scrape the batter into a brownie tin, sprinkle nuts on top and cook for about 25- 35 minutesat 190 c  until a cake skewer comes out clean.


Lo said...

But, really, what's better than fruit & chocolate? :)

Remind me to share a recipe with you for GREEN TOMATO chocolate cake. It's fabulous.

Emily said...

Those brownies sound really good! I think the dark chocolate and mashed banana would make a good combination. It would sort of be like banana bread with chocolate chip in reverse.

Lisa Conmara said...

Lo, the thoughts of green tomatoes (we don't have 'em) make me drool, i can only imagine that chocolate cake made with them would be unbelievable... since i first heard the words "fried green tomaytahs" i've always wanted to try them...

Emily they were really good, very grown up and extremely moreish! I'll be trying the combos I have in mind so I'll let you know!