Sweet Sweetest Sweet...

My daughter is an amateur confectioner. When she was 4 she asked santa for a chocolate factory and set about making chocolate bars wrapped in gold paper for everyone she knew. Then it was onto the most irresistable rocky road, which I could eat a plateful of without a blink... she has a knack for "just the right amount of sweetness"...

She has been dreaming about making Turkish delight (her absolute favorite sweet) and has been begging me to look online for a proper sugar thermometor which she can buy with her paypal vouchers she got for her birthday!! She is the funniest thing!

Her latest thing is fondants. Give her a chance and she'll whip up a bagful of peppermint creams or chocolate covered orange creams... What I enjoy most is the splogey child-made sweets, no ceremony, just bish bash bosh and on to the next batch.

Recently, for mothers day, she spied some leftover lemon juice I had from the cakes I'd made, and asked me for it. Within a few minutes she handed me one of her creations, a dark chocolate lemon cream. It was divine. Really divine.

Later on she expressed an interest in heading into this field full time, I suppose my chocolate covered face spurned her ambition... Is there a course to become a chocalatier? I must look into it.

Marys Lemon Creams

You'll need:

100gms dark chocolate

Juice of 1 lemon

1 egg white

Icing sugar (about 250gms-ish)

Marys instructions:

Stir the egg whites very fast until 'fuzzy' (frothy) and then sift in as much icing sugar to make a thick paste. Add lemon juice, teaspoon by teaspoon, until you can smell it. Then add more of the sugar until the mix is able to make a ball between your fingers. Make a little ball just the size of a marble. Then make lots of them.

Melt the chocolate in your fondue or pot. Drop the little ball in and take it out with a teaspoon when its covered. Let it dry on a baking paper covered tray.