Sweet Potaytah...

I usually have a fair idea what I'm making for the dinner by around 12 noon, usually due to Bill ringing me wanting to know so he can "think about it all day"!!

However today, when I realised I hadn't taken the haddock out of the freezer, nor had I any rice, my plans for kedgeree were scuppered. I looked into the vegetable rack and this is what I saw... A sweet pepper, four shallots and three large sweet potatoes. There was no meat in my fridge, no tins of tomatoes, no onions even... I really had dropped the ball.

In the fridge there was a small remnant of parmesan, the end of a bottle of white, half a pound of butter.

What on earth could I make with that?

I roasted the sweet potatoes to start off, still not sure what to do...

Then I got a vague memory of seeing a recipe for pasta with sweet potatoes and a beurre blanc sauce. Beurre blanc, thats wine and butter right? So here is what I did... It was surprisingly nice!
Sweet Potato Pasta

Serves 3 1/2 people

3 or 4 Sweet potatoes

3 cloves garlic, halved

350g wholewheat spaghetti

4 shallots, finely chopped

125g butter

glass white wine

handful parsley, chopped

olive oil

First peel and chop the sweet potatoes. Place them in a cold roasting tin, along with the halve cloves of garlic and add enough oil to come halfway up the pieces. Roast in a hot (200degree) oven until the edges are beginning to become black. Put to one side covered with foil.

Cook the wholewheat pasta according to the packet instructions.

In a small saucepan, melt a tablespoon of the butter and add the shallots, stirring until they are soft. Add the parsley and the wine. Reduce by half on a high flame. Take off the heat and stir in cubes of the remaining butter.

Add salt and pepper to taste. Its a strong flavour but don't worry, it just coats the spaghetti and is very subtle when eating.

Stir the sauce through the pasta, top with the roasted sweet potato and some parmesan cheese.


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Ciara said...

Sounds yum! Love the new look!