I made yesterdays Kedgeree today. Its Bills number one comfort food, it reminds him of being little and of his mother. Like many foods, I'd never eaten it before I met Bill, and the first bowl of it I ever had I cooked myself, and it was curiously satisfying. Curious being the operative word. I'm not sure if I actually like it, or whether it is just so weird that it cannot be left alone.

I had no recipe the first time I made it, and I think our computer was out of order, because I completely winged it... and it worked so I still make it the same way.

Here is my recipe for Kedgeree.

Serves 4

250 grams basmati rice

2 good sized smoked haddock fillets

1 onion, chopped

1 fresh chilli, thinly sliced or 1 tsb of pickled jalepeno

2 Tsp mild curry powder

250mls milk

2 boiled eggs

Cook the rice according to the packet.

In a pan, fry the onion along with the chili until soft. Take the pan off the heat and add the milk, leave to infuse. Place the haddock into a deep bowl and pour just boiled water over it. Leave until the flesh has turned white and flakes easily from the bone.

Fluff the rice in its pan and add the cooked onion, pepper and milk and stir through. Put back onto the heat and sprinkle the curry powder and salt and pepper to taste. Stir the fish through.

This is nicest if let go cold and then stirred over a heat when needed! Chop the boiled eggs up finely, its best if you can get the yolk to crumble. Place on the table in a bowl as you would parmesan to sprinkle on the top. We put creme fraiche on ours sometimes instead, which is really good!!

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