no cook book day!

Ah saturday...

I rarely cook on a saturday unless I am gripped by an overwhelming desire to create, but thats usually staved off until another day... although in fairness I am never in a position where there is no other option and I think thats why I still really enjoy cooking meals for my family, even after 11 years of it!

Saturday, however, is an unofficial day off... usually a brown bag of fish and chips arrives at the door, or a mouthwatering freshly made pizza, or another of the amazing range of delivery food we have in our area.

This saturday was an extra special one, as it was a "no cook not even a cup of tea shall I make" day - out for brunch, out for dinner day! Yeay!

As Mary was off in her cousins for the morning, the three of us left went off down to Dun Laoire to mooch around the book shop. I bought a camping cookbook to use this summer when we get our new van... which has a lovely range of recipes that can be cooked on open fires, barbeques or small stoves, perfect!

Some others found the visit productive as well!

Hughes and hughes is a really nice book shop, its huge and complete and has chairs placed about for you to sit and browse, there is a nice cafe with huge windows overlooking the town centre and an amazing travel section which I love love browsing through... weird since I don't do flying so most of the destinations are not in my league.

There is something lovely about a cafe within a book shop, it is such a relaxed atmosphere. So we popped our bums on some lovely cosy couches long enough to enjoy a latte and an iced raspberry bun! As I was rooting to pay I was overjoyed to discover a long forgotten gift of a voucher for my favorite homeware shop Meadows and Byrne and so we made a quick stop and I got a new pan, long needed, and I've always wanted a really really good one, but I would never have gone for it without the voucher! A couple of other bits needed to come home with me too, like a new egg poacher, a proper metal sieve and some cute molds for sweet making (for mary!)

We're going out to dinner now so... bye for now!


Ciara said...

I love this post!

Meanwhile, Mary was rearranging our dvd library by age rating with Finn... Where did we get them!

Lisa Conmara said...

i used to do that. i wanted to be a librarian...!?

Nicole said...

Sounds like a great day Lisa. Is that one of your little ones? How old? Where is Ireland are you?

I got a treat on Saturday too. A NIGHT off! Went to dinner with a couple girlfriends. It was awesome! Then to see a movie. So nice. And a fabulous bottle of wine!

Lisa Conmara said...

only women with children understand the sheer joy of a night off!!
thats my son, 15 months and I've an 11 year old daughter too... big gap!
Oh and dublin, born and bred!

Nicole said...

That is a big gap. I remember seeing pictures of your daughter in another post but there were a few kids and I didn't know which were yours.

I would love to see Ireland. I hear it is beautiful!

melody said...

thanks for the comment. i really like this post. i also share a love of bookshop/cafe's. they always feel great as soon as you walk in, and the cakes are always good.