Eggs part one

I want to write something about eggs. A particular friend of mine (you know who you are!) is constantly teasing me about how picky I am when it comes to eggs. Not in "how do you like them?" at all - serve em up to me anyway but burned and I'm a happy bunny, no my fuss starts and ends with the buying of them. In one sentence - THERE IS A DIFFERENCE!

The first I realised this was when my aunt began to keep hens and one day presented me with a neat little parcel containing three eggs. One tiny blue one, one white golfball like one and one dull brown but with an amazing sheen. Not knowing what to do I basically boiled them and served them with toast. First bite and my life with eggs on the menu changed forever! The taste! The colour! It was an epiphany! No run of the mill regular eggs for me! I refuse to live my life with run of the mill bland eggs - with or without free range on the lid! Now I look for organic free range at least! The happier the hen, the nicer the egg! It makes such a difference - and for baking? well once you try good eggs in a sponge cake nothing less will ever do again!!

At the moment I am favouring an egg called a Sillan ór - Superquinn do them, 6 for €2.99c - they are from corn fed chickens and in my opinion the nearest you'll get to a backyard fed on love hens egg that if you're ever lucky enough to get your mouth around grab them and run!


Nicole said...

Wow! I don't know much about all the different eggs. I am sure we have some here but maybe not the same as where you are. I will have to try a REALLY fresh egg sometimes. I do love them.

You have been very prolific the last few days! I haven't been on the computer. Left for Easter weekend. It was hot and sunny and felt like a vacation. I hope you had a nice Easter! It looks yummy!

Moytura Skywatcher said...

Yeah, we used to keep hens in Sligo, and the egg yolks were so much yellower, and the shells were much thicker, too... That was the thing that struck us. And of course we thought they were tastier too. If we'd known that you could get 6 euro a dozen, we'd've sold them instead of eating them!