Eggs part two

This is what greeted us in our kitchen when we came down this morning. It is the result of my daughter Marys huge family - two nanas, a greatnana, a granddad, eight uncles and two aunts!!

Even poor Mary groaned under the weight of all that chocolate and so we set about making a list of things we could do with it, other than eat it as it is! We decided first that the bars and sweets contained within the eggs should be kept in a jar and thought about at another time. The eggs would, over the next week, become a confection of home made sweets to give to loved ones, and a myriad of chocolate cakes. She squealed with delight when I told her that yesterdays Raspberry Mmmms could be done with milk chocolate as well!

But for starters I handed her the bain marie and we set about making a nice cup of chocolate milk!

In a bain marie melt a half an easter egg, when melted mix in a cup of cold milk, stir like mad until its melted - Enjoy!

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