Turkish Delight!

Once in a while I awake to a curious grumbling in my tummy that lasts all day, breakfast has no effect, nor lunch... I need something... Usually by mid day I know what it is that I want.  
Today was one of those days...In which I must ring Bill.  One word and its settled.  


We drive into town, get two of their Doner Kebabs and eat them in the car.  Its a thirty minute max operation. 

This small eaterie at the top of Georges street has been serving kebabs to Dubliners for many years, but it was by chance myself and Bill discovered it while looking for another take away shop we thought was in that area.  Since then, there have been other fleeting affairs to other "kebab" shops but none have come close to the sheer satisfaction of a rendevous with Zaytoon.  
Even the mere mention of the word in my presence reduces me to close to a salivating mess... 
Its like a drug.  Once its in my head I cannot function without.


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