Outdoor favorites!

Its amazing what you can do with a small camping stove, if you bring the right ingredients you can eat really well! I've never been one to eat the dreaded Pot Noodle or Smash while camping, with a small barbeque and a gas ring you can eat just as well as you would at home.

This weekend we were off again, and the weather was GLORIOUS!

Breakfast was drop scones, served with tinned cherries and sour cream (mix a tsp of caster sugar with the cream to sweeten it if you don't like the tartness).

Drop scones are made with 200gms flour, 1 egg, 25g caster sugar, a pinch of salt and a half pint of milk - mix the batter and leave stand for about fifteen minutes then spoon into blobs on a very hot frying pan, turning when the bubbles come through! They are really good so do try them!

Lunch was floury baps with pastrami and leaves, and dinner was mixed beans (flagelet and cannelli) in a sauce made from a tin of chopped tomatoes, 2 tbsp wine, 1 tbsp american mustard, splash worcestor sauce and a tsp chilli powder. Served with barbequed sausages and asparagus... We wrapped it all up in wholemeal wraps and ate it with our hands...
In the evening we lit a campfire and made sh'mores... As always with campfire sh'mores there were a few lost to the fire! However most made there way to our watering mouths where they quickly vanished!


Ciara said...

Oh nothing beats eating outdoors.... Those wraps look delicious, will definitely give them a go.

Nicole said...

Wow it all looks amazing. I agree with Ciara... something about the outdoors. All food is better.