Cocktail and Cake!

Friends of mine were celebrating a double birthday yesterday and so of course I volunteered to bring the cake, and of course I wanted to make it as personal and thoughtful as I could so no ordinary cake would do!

The last time I saw these girls socially they were making pina colada cocktails, and telling me the joys of this sunny fresh cocktail, so I decided to try to make some sort of "pina colada cake"!

Oh the trials! It wasn't easy, two prototypes later and I had a rough idea of what I needed to do!
Nigella Lawsons chocolate orange cake (see my earlier post here) would form the base for the recipe, I'd substitute the marmalade for pineapple jam and get coconut and rum in, someway or other!

After a dramatic baking session (which involved forgetting the baking powder and having to get online pronto to find out my options!) the cake was made, iced, (Have a look here for how it should be done!)and ready to go!

It turned out very nice, although there wasn't a strong enough pineapple presence as I was hoping for, but the icing was devine and saved the day!  I will need to tweak this recipe some more, but overall it works! I'm going to bake some cupcake versions today and see how they turn out before I write it into my favorite cakes notebook!!

Here is the recipe,

Pina Colada Chocolate Cake!

You'll need
for the cake
200gms Dark Chocolate
250 gms Unsalted butter
250gms Caster sugar
4 eggs
500 gms Self raising flour (or Cream flour with 3 tsp Baking powder 1 tsp salt added)
400 gms Pineapple Jam
150gms Glace Pineapple Chunks (Tesco do these!)

for the icing
Approx 75mls of coconut milk
1 tbsp of white rum
500gms Icing sugar, sifted.

Make the cake as per the original recipe, see here! Add the glace chunks at the end and stir through.  Bake in a medium oven until a skewer comes out clean-ish (ie no liquid but a bit of gunk is fine!) - Cool the cake completely then make the icing by adding the coconut milk mixed with the rum to the icing sugar until you have the stiff peaks.  Smooth over the cooled cake and decorate if you wish! Apply candles, offer to Birthday girls and BLOW!!!

If I were to do it again, I would brush the cake a few times with pineapple juice, or even pour some over and let it soak through, to give it a bit more of a proper pineapple tang.  The icing is really nice, and not sugary sweet so the cake could afford to be a little bit sweeter!


Emily said...

Wow! What an incredible experiment. I don't think I would have the nerve to try creating my own cake like this. My mum's birthday is next Saturday so I might just try this.

Nicole said...

You ARE ambitious aren't you! Kudos! You could try adding the pineapple upside-down cake element for more pineapple flavor.

Ciara said...

So nice to have a grown-up cake recipe stashed away isn't it? Have to try it!