Texan rice

I love the smokiness of Texan style food, and since I first started cooking for myself it has been a regular occurance on the family menu.  Its spicy but not the "nose-running, tear inducing, I cant feel my tongue" of Asian food, or the searing belly hotness of true mexican cuisine.  There is a spice mix I use for fajitas, enchiladas, and rubs for meat.  It has 1 teaspoon each of Cayenne pepper, crushed garlic, crushed onion, smoked paprika, cajun style mustard and tomato paste.  A good glug of olive oil and stir it all together.  

Rub this on meat before grilling or frying, add to a tin of chopped tomatoes for enchiladas or stir on to the fajits mix while cooking.

Another thing I do with it is stir it through rice,  chicken and veg for what we refer to as "Texan Rice"...

Y'all try it now, y'hear!

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