Pizza Tips!

Making your own pizza can be daunting, but the results are really worth it.  You'll be surprised at how easy it actually is, and can feel good eating it because home made pizza is GOOD FOR YOU!!
I wanted to pass on a few tips that I have found have really worked for me.  Make the dough as I do here for white bread, or if you'd like a rustic wholemeal pizza use half brown flour and half strong white. 
My first tip is for when the dough is rising, I sit it into a bowl that has been rubbed liberally in olive oil and then I pour oil into my hands and rub the dough all over too.  You should also do your best to leave pizza dough rise somewhere warm for a good three hours at least, then deflate it and leave it for at least another 30 minutes.
My second tip is that when you have stretched the pizza, or rolled it into the shape of the tray lift it up by the corners a few times, and turn it mid air before putting it down again.  This
 frisbee action gives it a last stretch and is worth doing for nice crusts.
Thirdly leave your base to sit with no toppings for at least an hour.  This hardens the dough on the outside, meaning its even crispier when baked.  
Finally use a really really hot oven, and if you like lots of sauce par bake the base for a bit first. I sometimes put half the sauce on, bake it for ten minutes, then put the rest of the toppings on.
Really try making your own pizza from scratch, the satisfaction as you bite into your first slice is reward in itself!

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