Feeling hot hot hot!

When I spotted baby squid in the fishmongers yesterday - I had to buy them! I'm intimidated by squid but I'm determined to conquer it, as it is one of my favorite things to eat!

So I came home and fried up the baby squid. After eating one of them, it was so scrumptious, I wanted to use them to create something... but what? I had a look at my housewifes choice shelf in the fridge - some parmesan, some old chillies, an onion and a few bits and bobs!

So I chopped the squid with the cheese and onion and stuffed it into the chillis, drizzled with olive oil and roasted for ten minutes...

They were really good - but boy were they hot! My mouth was sizzling! I felt guilty because I hadn't known to warn my nearly sister in law who got a bit of a surprise!

Luckily I had prepared Lemon slices, which is a brilliant home remedy for chili burn! I sucked a quarter and was glad of the relief!!

I'll definatley serve some sour cream with them next time!!


Nicole said...

These look great! I have really been in a mood for chili peppers myself! I keep buying them.

Lina said...

mmmmm I love spicy!