There is no other way to round off a barbequed meal than with Hot Chocolate and Marshmallow Bananas...
Slit a banana on its back side all the way through but leaving the skin intact, stuff with marshmallow and chocolate buttons... Wrap in foil and pop onto the Barbie as you eat your main meal. 
 Then you can check and see if the banana skin is blackened and the chocolate melted - unwrap and pop into a bowl, top with ice cream and eat!
Can it get any better?

Bill is allergic to Bananas so we used a pineapple round, cut in half and sandwiched with the chocolate and marshmallow.

I had no idea when I wrote this post that a "bananaque" is actually an asian treat, see here! I was trying to be clever, playing with the word barbeque and banana, but the amount of hits this post has had is unbelievable with people looking for information on actual bananaques! I couldn't figure it out for ages! So if you came here looking for something else, I apologise for the mix up, but please stay to have a look around, you're very welcome!


Emily said...

Yum! I must say I have never heard of a banana allergy before. Weather in Ireland sound very similar to the weather here in Vancouver. We never know what is going to happen and only a fool leaves the home without an umbrella. A friend came over on Friday with the full intention of us having a picnic but it never quite happened. We made guacamole to have with salsa and corn chips, mediterranean pasta salad, and tomato and spinach croissant sandwiches. By the time we were done in the kitchen we were just to distracted talking to each other to make it to the park. Instead we sat on my front steps and tried to soak up some sun while we ate.

Kim in the Kitchen said...

I don't even like bananas and that looks delicious! I do however LOVE pineapple, so I may have to try it that way, although I bet it's considerably messier.

Lisa Conmara said...

Emily - Yeh Bill is the only person I know who cannot eat bananas. Something in them makes him really sick - I've seen it happen - he just takes one bite and BLEURGH! Its terrible because they really are the nicest fruit and he would love to eat them!

Your picnic sounds great (front step is outside so it counts!) - much more fancy than mine! I love the idea of croissant sandwiches - I'll have to try that!

Kim - Messy = Yum! But actually the pineapple was neater than the banana!