...And the living is easy...

Ah summertime, living here in Ireland can oft be a confusing existence.  One glorious sunny daydoes not a summer make.  We see it all here - it can be bright and sunny and then suddenly snow as late as April, it can rain at the drop of a hat and nothing is certain.  In fairness it only serves to endear this little island deeper into our hearts, and God love the visitor who is overheard by Irish ears complaining about the weather in Ireland!
So usually when a day starts with clear blue skies and a heat in the pavements, the supermarkets quickly stock their shelves with skewered meat and charcoal.  Its queues are long with happy cavemen discussing fire, and women looking at each others legs comparing shades of white with the hope that a gold sheen might be there by the end of the day.

...and we are there like everyone else, grabbing the small smidge of summer by the collar while we can...

We grabbed a disposable Barbie, a couple of breasts of corn fed chicken, and some bits and pieces and headed to my moms to take over her garden and enjoy a day outside.  
My moms garden is really lovely, she always has a great wine to offer, due to her impeccable taste and vast knowledge of the vine, and the food was great, so that when the cool air filtered through the warmth it was a reluctant family that headed home.

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Ciara said...

Yay! We know the summer is here when the scent of BBQ wafts on every suburban street. The weather is not always the obvious barometer here!