I heart...

My new kettle!!!

My eyes lit up when I spied this unusual kettle in House of Fraser the other day, and since a new kettle was on my shopping list (my old one is ten years old) and I had a voucher for HofF burning a hole in my purse, I said "Feck it!" and plumped for it there and then.... It reminds me of Art Deco, Sixties style and Futuristic all in one!
It does what it is supposed to, and in record time, but I get a kick out of it too, so that is a bonus! The wood handles make it seem less "Appliance" too!
I love it!


Emily said...

Now that is a kettle I wouldn't mind leaving out on the counter. Mine is very utilitarian looking.

Nicole said...

Is it a kettle? It rather looks like a French press. Beautiful!

Here's mine:

I LOVE it!

Lisa said...

Emily!! You're BACK!! I'll be over to Honeybee now to see all about your trip!

Nicole - I have seen the bird kettle online before - its very chic, however in Ireland we all use electric kettles, not stove top - we drink alot alot of tea here and so we need hot water fast!

I do long for a stove top le creuset kettle though, just for show!!!

Ciara said...

Eee! I love it!

Ok. So this what I missed yesterday? When are you free? :-)

Emily said...

Hi Lisa. Me again. I'm just stopping by to say that I have tagged you.

Deveneys said...

I feel really grown-up commenting on kettles but it's a smasher!!!!
I'll call up during the week Lis if that suits?? I have some bottles etc for you xx

rachel said...

Love the art deco look of it. Definitely qualifies as an objet d'art...May it get lots of use and continue to bring you joy.