Cheats Cuisine!

This is a great cheat to have at hand, in case you suffer from spontaneous invite syndrome - "why don't you come for lunch today?" at 12pm!! This needs no major design just plonk everything together and serve with a salad!

Mediterranean Vol Au Vents!
You'll need
1 Pkt 6 Frozen Vol Au Vents
1 Cooked chicken breast
6 Cherry vine tomatoes
100gms tapenade
100gms Sun dried tomato pesto
1 Jar of Boilie Goats Cheese Balls
A handful of Basil, chopped

Cook the Vol Au Vents as per instructions. At the same time pop the tomatoes into the oven drizled with olive oil until they are bursting and soft.
While still warm fill with a teaspoon of each paste, some chicken, and top with a Boilie ball and a vine tomato.