Happy (Day After) St Patricks Day from DUBLIN!

Oh the frustration of internet glitches! Yesterday was St Patricks Day, I'm here in the horses mouth, and I couldn't get blogger to post for me! It kept saying error blah blah blah!


We all donned green, pinned our shamrock to our lapels and enjoyed a day where the whole world joins us in the celebration of our lovely little island!!

I could have chosen a very traditional Irish dish for todays post, but considering most of the very Irish meals (Irish stew, coddle etc) were born from necessity due to half the country starving to death, I didn't feel it was exactly the spirit I was after! So after a him and a haw I decided to get into the spirit with a good old Beef and Guinness Pie! We've got cows, we've got stout, we've got appetites to sooth - as Irish a dish as you can get!

Must be eaten with a diddly eye diddly dee diddly dum!

Beef and Guinness Pie

You'll need
500gms Stewing beef
2 Carrots
1 Large onion
1 Sprig of rosemary
500mls beef stock
A Pint of Irish Stout (Guinness!)
Salt and Pepper
Enough Puff pastry to cover your pie dish!

Saute the onions and the carrots with the rosemary (wonderful aromas here) and then add the seasoned meat. Stir about a bit and then add the stock and the stout! Add a couple of tablespoons of flour. Simmer for 2 hours with a lid on until the sauce has thickened! Pop into a pie dish, cover with pastry, glaze with beaten egg and bake until golden brown in a hot oven, about 180c.

Serve with mashed potatoes and a large glass of milk!


StickyGooeyCreamyChewy said...

Dublin must be the coolest place in the world to be on St. Patrick's Day! I was there 2 yrs ago and loved it!

That pie looks outstanding!

Lisa said...

Thanks Susan! To be honest its a lot more low key here than in America! Its more of a childrens day really! There is a parade, but nobody does parades like the USA!!! A lot of Irish head to New York, Chicago or Boston for Paddys day, as they get to experience a real party!!

Aden Meyler said...

Lisa, love your Beef and Guiness Pie. Didn't take pictures, but we had Corned Beef and Cabbage and Mash like in the Old Country! The Good Ol' U S of A!

Also, we wear green so the Leprechauns don't pinch us!

Erin go bragh as we say in the US LOL!

Lisa said...

You know, Aden, in our family its always been Corned Beef and Cabbage - never ever bacon! I prefer it anyway! I've never heard of leprechauns pinching anyone! How funny! I personally prefer the clurachaun anyway- at least he knows how to party!!

Ciara said...

Ok. I'll admit it, this looks yum... you've nearly had me converted....

Sorry we didn't get to see you on Tuesday. We'll have to make up for it!

Emily said...

Happy very belated St Patricks Day. Despite being away my entire group still wore green in honor of the day.