The Grand SLAM!

We did it! Ireland, a tiny little island perched on the edge of Europe, has won the Six Nations Cup AND the Grand Slam! 

It was like movie, those watching practically bit their own faces off with the tension, it was within 3 or 4 points the whole match... They're winning, we're winning, they're winning... It looked like we'd lost it, even after Brian O'Driscolls AMAZING TRY!! The man is like a steam train! Then suddenly with two minutes to go (Imagine the tension!) Ronan O'Gara kicked it over the posts, we were back in the lead only to give away a penalty at the eleventh hour... I thought Bill would go through the television as the welsh player lined up to kick a drop goal, but he missed it by inches and WE WON!!!! THE GRAND SLAM! The last time we did that was in 1948!! Oh I wished my dad could have seen it!! He would have loved it!

It was also nice to see Prince William sitting beside our lovely President McAleese, a promise of the two countries being better neighbors to each other in the coming years! But best of all, to see our boys collect the Grand Slam trophy, and hold it high, a symbol of being the BEST rugby team in Europe at the moment, we lost to not one team! 

They often say in Ireland "Tiocfaidh ár Lá" - Our Day will Come... 

In Rugby, looks like it has...!

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Ciara said...

I know we have talked it over but WASN'T IT UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!! I thought Jay was going to pass out! And I lost count of the number of times he had to leave the room. Janey-mac... the relief when it was over...