Cheap Eats!

Well I have square eyes from checking out the fantastic new Irish website Cheap Eats, its brilliant!  Its one of those sites that has me bashing my head off the keyboard, wailing "I wish it was mine!", set up and run by graphic artist Jean O'Brien (check out the dotey graphics!!) and journalist Peter McGuire, and with fantastic ideas and recommendations all through the effortless dialogue.  With tips on where to find great food bargains, which restaurants are feeding us well for less, and a general encouragement, in the face of a recession, to continue with the chin up and mouth open, for great food is still within our reach! There is sections of all aspects of food in Ireland, from recipes to food news, great restaurant reviews and even a Bloggers recommend section!! 
I love it!! 

Check it out here!


Ciara said...

Yay! I LOVE the new banner! It's perfect. Sums it all up really.

Ok, off to check out this link. Thanks!

Ciara said...

It looks fantastic! And a great following. And there YOU are!!! Excellent stuff!

(Off to have a good nose now...)

Lo said...

Love it, Lisa - and I'm really loving the remake over here too. Haven't been visiting as often as I'd like, but you're fabulous as always!

Better get on and catch up now!

Lisa said...

Ah a change is as good as a rest Lo! It was either give the blog a new do, or me!!