I often come home after a particularly nice meal out and spend the next week or so craving the food I had, just one more bite!

It was this way after a cheap and cheerful trip to Milanos in Dundrum, which I have to say I normally avoid, finding the staff rude and the dessert portions miserable! However with two teenagers in tow it seemed the best option, the crowd pleaser.

I ordered a Salad with goats cheese and it was delicious, so much so that I wanted to recreate it at home, for that 'one more bite' satisfaction!

I, of course, added bits and pieces but it was the similar enough so here it is, furthermore known as Milanos salad in this house!

Here is a list of what goes into it, add as much or as little of what you like, it'll be delicious!
Cooked chicken pieces, red and yellow pepper, beetroot, red onion, cherry tomatoes (try to get piccolos!),  croutons, cafe style leaves, crumbled soft goats cheese.  Add whatever salad dressing you prefer, we used bottled caesar and it was delicious!


Ciara said...

My kind of salad!!! Yum!

Lo said...

Mmm. This looks like a fantastic salad... I don't blame you for wanting to recreate it at home!

Am a bit behind on my blog reading, as you can tell... but I've missed you! Glad to see your world is as active (and lovely) as ever.