'Ave a butchers..?

There must be something wrong with me.  No matter how many times I have told myself, warned myself, to buy my meat in the butcher, I keep coming home from the supermarket bags full of it and having a homer moment - Doh! Its ridiculous because the butcher, Nyhan Bros, is right there, beside the supermarket, no extra journey or stop involved! What is my problem?

I am trying though, and last week, as if to make up, I took a solo expedition across the road and bought 2lbs of mince.  A huge quantity, but it freezes so why not! I had a nose round to see what else they had, Venison steaks! Poussin! Rabbit! 

Oooo and corn fed outdoor reared chickens!! The little angel on my shoulders' tutting is becoming unbearable when I go to Tesco for a sunday bird, so thats good to know! I don't mind paying extra for an animal that has at least had a bit of craic before it walked the green mile.

I think I will have to tie a knot in my hanky, or laces at least, so I stop my zombie like march to the supermarket in time to remember the butchers! 

As for my mince? It was put to good use!

Lisas Saturday Burgers
You'll need
(for 4 quarter pounders)
1lb of lean minced beef
2 tsps worcestor sauce
2 tbsp of your favorite relish (we use onion or ballymaloe!)
15mls natural yoghurt or creme fraiche
2 tsps cayenne pepper (optional)
Salt and pepper

Mix all ingredients together, I use a fork as well as my hands as it seems to break the meat up even more.  Divide into portions and make into patties with your hands.  Pop onto a hot oiled griddle or pan and fry.  Give them about two minutes each side.  Let them stand while you prepare the buns with everything you like and EAT EM UP!!


Aden Meyler said...

Hi Lisa-The burgers look great. We made homemade burgers over the weekend, too. I have to try to get to the butchers from now on instead, but I always forget!

Lisa said...

The meat is so much better!! This is a great recipe, if you get the lean mince!

Although they say pride comes before a fall - i had boasted to my brother about these and invited him over to taste them, i was so flustered i forgot to season them and they tasted like cardboard... it was very hard to take!! Although he didn't seem to notice, i still wanted to kick myself!!