Happiness is...

...getting an email to say you've won a Blogiversary Bash gift from Susan over at StickyChewyCreamyGooey!!! Thank you Susan!!!

Susans blog is one of my new favorites, I was coaxed over there after doing a food survey that had a link to her blog and I just couldn't get enough of her amazing recipes and food photos which would have saliva dripping off your chin, see my favorites here and here! Oh and here! Aren't they unbelievable! So she has become my hero, the blog I aspire to... the dishes I wish were mine!

So I was jumping for joy when I saw that I had won a gift for participating in her Blogiversary Bash!! I won a book on Food Photography which I cannot wait to receive and hopefully come closer to the pictures I aspire to take!! 

The Blogiversary Bash was great fun to take part in,  I brought my Pina Colada Cupcakes to the do, and they fit right in among the other amazing fare! Have a look here!
Thanks Susan, and Congrats on your first birthday!!!


Lo said...

Wow! What a fantastic bash.

Thanks for introducing me to another great blogger... and sharing those fantastic cupcakes! Super CUTE!

Emily said...

What a fantastic idea. I still haven't made your pina colada cupcakes but I am determined to. My friend Jessie and I are going to do our best to make them before the end of September.

Ciara said...

Wooo! Nothing like winning something eh? Well done! :-)

Lisa Conmara said...

Thanks Guys! I never win anything usually!!