Soul Food!

I went to see Joan Baez on Saturday.
I have been a huge follower of Baez since I was a young girl, intrigued by the cover of her 'Baptism' album, and transported by the airy soprano and her stories and life lessons.  As an adult I am a huge folk fan, from Kate Rusby and Bert Jansch to Nick Drake and John Martyn, but the music of Joan Baez is more precious than any other to me, it has been the soundtrack to my life in many ways! So to get tickets and sit in the front row, inches from the legendary chantreuse herself, as she sang all my favorites was an amazing privilege.

I love Joan Baez, she is a great example of a strong independent woman.  She has never compromised her femininity in order to speak as loudly as the men.  She makes no bones about her views and told us straight who she'd be voting for, she sang some political numbers which have huge relevance for today, and some new songs written for these times we live in now... She did a fantastic Dylan impression which had us roaring with laughter, and sang Swing Low Sweet Chariot without her guitar, or any accompaniment, which was phenomenal.  

She was wonderful, so personable and with such rapport, there wasn't a dry eye in the house at times, and the laughter lifted the roof at others... but when she encouraged us to sing along with her to Amazing Grace, it was almost religious...
I didn't think it was possible to love her anymore than I have for most of my life... but it is!

Here is a snippet I shouldn't have recorded but I did...

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Lo said...

Lisa - You're taking me back, girl. Back to the days of listening to Joan in the kitchen with my mom.

Thanks for the sneak peek. Sounds like it was a great show!