Everythings Fudgy...

There is no time like birthday time! I was delighted when my best friends sister rang me to discuss an upcoming party in her honour as it meant I could get to that brownie recipe I've been meaning to tweak! I love Nigella Lawsons idea of serving piled up brownies instead of a traditional cake, with candles stuck in here and there... so I decided immediately to do that!

Only problem is, I'm not too pushed on the brownies from Nigellas recipe, they are a bit 'nneeah' for me... As you know I love the crowd pleaser, the 'oh goomph godff' that is spat through chocolate coloured teeth as my wares vanish into eager mouths...

So I tweaked and I twirped (?) and this is what I came up with...

These brownies are a little special, and I'll let you in  on my secret ingredient - chopped up mars bars!!! They melt and splodge all over the inner workings of what seems to be a garden variety brownie and surprise the eater with a mouth coating delicious moreish goo on biting in!!!

Try them... they will never let you down!!!

The "Can I Have Another" Chocolate FUDGE Brownie!

You'll need
250gms Butter
200gms Green and Blacks Cooks Chocolate (or any good dark)
250 gms Caster sugar
1 tsp Vanilla extract
100 grams of Mars Bar (Chopped into small pieces!)
100 grams Chopped walnuts
250gms Flour
A handful of glace or dried fruit, I used strawberries.
4 Eggs

Melt the butter, chocolate, and half the mars bar bits in your usual way (I use a thick bottom pan on a low heat) and when melted, leave to cool for a moment before adding the beaten eggs and the sugar. Add the flour and the extract and beat together.  Add the rest of the mars bar and the walnuts. 
Pour into a pan and sprinkle with raisins or, as I did, sun dried strawberries! Pop into a 180c oven for about 25 mins, or until the top is pale and cracking, but the centre still gooey.

Leave to cool completey in a block on a wire tray, then cut into squares and EAT THEM!!!


Beth said...

Wow, those sound deadly. Death by chocolate. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....

Ciara said...

Oh god Lisa... how could you. I am NOT making these because then I will HAVE to eat them...

Lo said...

Oh. Wow.
Any brownie enhanced by a chopped up candy bar has to be good, right?

These look fantastic.

Lisa Conmara said...

Yes, some would say its pure gluttony... but I'm too busy licking the fudgy squidgy gloop off my teeth to care!

Emily said...

Decadance pure gooey decadence. They sound so yummy.

rachel said...

GAWD! I want to melt into that bowl of brownie batter! It's like a chocolate genie granted your fondest chocolate wish.