I remember you!

I know I've just done a non-food post and I would prefer to pop them in only from time to time but I've meant to post for such a long time about my and Joes weekly visits to his "NeeNee" (my Nana) and "Eddie" (my Grandfather) in their house in Dun Laoghaire, so if its okay I'll do it now. Most thursdays, at about 12 or just after, we head down to Dun Laoghaire and up the lovely drive of my grandparents cottage. Its so lovely to see his little face light up with recognition when he sees them - I know you! He has a little routine, in he goes, checks the phone is in the right place, unpacks the shopping with NeeNee,
has a quick dance to Frank Ifield "I Remember You", his 'elevenses' and then goes through the ornaments in the glass cabinet. Once thats done he heads for the door, waving as he goes. My daughter Mary has enjoyed a very close relationship with my grandparents, due to being a daily fixture in their house as a toddler! I would love a similar experience for Joe and so try to make it down once or twice a week. Its certainly no chore - I would move in if they'd only let me, I love being around my Nana and have discovered a new friendship with her since I had children. Her house is so familiar and has my whole life mixed up throughout it, I try to breathe in as much of it as I can as I know there will be a day when I will stand longingly at the gate wishing for one more minute inside with them.

I enjoy these visits as much as Joe, because I adore my Nana and Granddad of course, and the fact that there is something about my grandmothers knack for all things culinary that makes the visit all that bit more enjoyable. Even a plain cheese sandwich in her house tastes better than any! And her fruit cake? Divine!
I'll be wrangling her tea brack recipe from her soon and of course will put the result up here as soon as I make it - in the few seconds it will have before its scoffed of course!!


Anonymous said...

what a great thing you have done ,now you made me all sad ,looking at queenies house ,it was always so homely and welcoming ,i could find it in my sleep ! regx

Lisa Conmara said...

It is a beacon for the bradys alright... xx

Nicole said...

What a nice post! I have a very special bond with my grandmother. She doesn't cook much now but her roast beef and gravy are the very best I have EVER tasted!

PS. I have given you an award! I love your blog!

Ciara said...

Oh... I know I have no excuse... It's too easy to think it should be something Jay does with the kids, as they are his Grandparents and not mine, but the reality is it's often us women who are responsible for keeping everyone tied together. I know we will regret it some day. I do regret it already. These kids are SO lucky to have Great-Grandparents, and we're not really all that far away.

Ok. There's a VERY long-overdue visit to Queenie and Eddie on the way.
Thank you Lisa for reminding me how important this is.

Lisa Conmara said...

ah look I think the maternal side is stronger - sure I would never automatically think of Bills gran!! It is just nature! Come to think of it Joe hasn't even seen his paternal grandmother in about three weeks! AaaaaaaaaH! Thank YOU for making me think of that!!

In the present. said...

Aha.. i'm p putting the pieces together at last!! Ye are sisters in law (almost as you are doing a wedding blog which i might add I sent link to my sis and she is enjoying it!) Sinead

In the present. said...
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