We were thrilled to be woken by a text message reading "Scoil Dunta - Isteach is amach ro-danseaireach" (School Closed - Access too dangerous)!! Looking outside we could see why...Having a landrover comes in very handy sometimes, we ploughed along where other cars were stuck, and clung to roads that other cars were sliding off... heading for my mothers house and the field beside it, where the snow lay unmarked and glistening in wait.  

What a great day! Lets hope for more snow tomorrow!!


Ciara said...

Ah ye lucky ducks! It's the one time the kids are sorry we live practically on the beach! Inland from the village is white white white but even though we've had plenty down here it just isn't sticking. We should have gone to my parents and met you there!!

Fab snowman!

Lisa said...

Ah pity! Dunno if you should be venturing anywhere though - the roads are a bit dangerous! It looks like it'll be snowing all night long up here - maybe we can meet you in deansgrange tomorrow!!

Emily said...

A Snow Day!!! That sounds like so much fun. No matter how much snow we get here they never call a snow day. Thats the burden of having a school right beside the SkyTrain.

I have tagged you if you would like to play.

Elsa said...