A little Baker Boy...

So I often let Joe help me bake, but obviously I have to curb any licking or poking or smudging that he would enjoy.  So today I allowed him to bake his own biscuits, from start to finish.  I did step in for the mixing, and there was a two minute tantrum, but then he resumed with tear stained cheeks to making "Joes Biscuits". Which turned out to be one biscuit... for Daddy!
This recipe is great for little ones who are teething (as there is good resistance and not a lot of sugar) and the dough molds easily in their hands.  

Joes Biscuits

You'll need

1 part apple juice
1 part flour
1 part baby cereal (I used Cow and Gate Baby Balance)

Mix above ingredients together. Roll out and cut or mold into shapes. Bake for about 20-30 minutes at 175c.

Do NOT serve these to visiting adults, much as they may snuffle about in search of your latest bake, as they will reel in horror from the blandness and your reputation shall never recover! Solely enjoyed by the under fives and daddys who would walk on coals for their darling sons!

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Ciara said...

This has to be THE most adorable post you have ever done Lisa... sniff...

Joe's little face... oh my heart...