Pancake Tuesday!!!

Is it worldwide or just this side of the pond? Well today is pancake tuesday and children (and aduts) around the country woke up excited at the prospect of a day in which every meal is a pancake concoction!!

I'm just about to make ours but I thought I'd post first, I mean you don't need a recipe but I'll give you my two favorite fillings...

1) Chocolate buttons (make sure the pancake is hot!) caramel sauce, marshmallow, banana and the thickest double cream you can find! Mmmmmm! 
2) Mix one part lime juice to one part coconut milk, add plenty of caster sugar! Delicious! 
HAPPY PANCAKE DAY EVERYONE!!! As a little parting gift I will tell you a little story....

There was three men travelling by train across Ireland for business and they got talking.  Each of them had a son and the conversation soon turned to their children.  

The first one said "My son is wonderful, a real star, he was born on St Georges day so we called him George"

"Wow!" said the second one, "thats amazing because my son is called Andrew for the same reason, he was born on St Andrews day"

The third man nodded and then took his phone out of his pocket "That reminds me" he said smiling, "its my darling sons birthday today... I must ring him..." he dialled the number... "Hello? Is that you Pancake?"

(At least its not my cooking that is making you reach for the sick bowl!!)



Ciara said...


Am I right in guessing that should read Paddy Englishman, Paddy Irishman, Paddy Scotsman? Are we not allowed say that anymore? :-D Good joke though...

Happy Pancakes!!

Emily said...

Haha! Poor kid. Catholics celebrate Pancake day here too. Your pancahes look more like what we call crapes though. I have always wondered how we can call something by the same name but have very different creations.

Lisa said...

Crepe is the french for pancake so its the same thing! I presume what you call pancakes are more of a crumpetty texture, thick and fluffy?

Either way - Delicious!!