A trifle amusing!

I've never been a huge trifle fan... although I will admit those I have trifled with have been "old school" with tinned fruit, birds custard and buckets of sherry! However after a disastrous attempt at a trifle last christmas, which left mouths like smoking guns and sent most of us over the limit, I decided to think of something new for this years attempt.  With some inspiration from Emily over at Honeybee I decided on this!

It worked out well, subtle and not too rich, and certainly one for the recipe notebooks to make again and again!

Raspberry and Almond Trifle

You'll need
3/4 Raspberry Muffins
1 bar white chocolate, grated
1 carton of devon custard
1 carton of whipping cream
1 tin of raspberries
A few fresh raspberries
Chopped almonds
100mls of Amaretto

Roughly break the muffins into chunks, place into a seperate bowl from the trifle bowl, and sprinkle with all of the ameretto.

Leave for a few minutes and then take half the chunks and line the trifle bowl. Top with some tinned raspberries, grated white chocolate and a sprinkle of chopped almonds.  Top that with a thin layer of custard.  Repeat until all the muffin is laid and finally top with softly whipped cream, almonds and the fresh raspberries... Grate some chocolate on top and serve within a day.


Emily said...

Yum it sounds like the classic at my house.

Lisa said...

I just looked and it is!! I must have stored the info in my brain somewhere! Fabulous! I'll have to credit you now!

Emily said...

haha Lisa you are so sweet. No credit is needed.