La Vita Semplice...!

The simple life appeals to us all where dinner is concerned, we have enough complications during our busy days than to struggle with complicated dinner recipes and I'm sure you have seen on this blog, that I prefer a couple of great ingredients coming together rather than faffing around with a zillion spices when the end result is the same.

However there are times when we all want something a bit fancy, and thats fine too, special dinners deserve the finer touch, and occasions would be spoilt without finer food - Personally Christmas wouldn't be Christmas if we were eating rice and beans!

So sometimes we find it hard to judge, what is special enough yet simple enough to please my dinner guests, what food will have them rolling out the door complaining yet thankful that their bellies are full?... Something warm, tasty and with fresh ingredients is always top of my list, quick to prepare so I'm not exhausted when we all sit down, but with enough care and attention to feel special.
So next time you are having friends for dinner, maybe you've spent the morning making a killer dessert and you just want something gooooood, but handy, to eat before it, try this...

Pasta Alfredo
You'll need
150gms of parmesan cheese, freshly grated
100gms of fresh butter
150gms of double cream
2 breasts of cooked chicken
500gms fresh fettucine
A handful of fresh baby spinach

Melt the butter and add the cheese, when it starts to melt add half the cream and stir until smooth, add the remainder of the cream and heat until just bubbling.  
In a seperate pan, have water boiling and pop your fresh fettucine in for two or three minutes.  Strain and then pour the pasta in onto the sauce, mixing through. 

Serve with slices of chicken on top and baby spinach on the side.

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