Apple Snip Soup

Browsing through some of my favorite blogs I'm noticing the soups starting to appear, as the nights get colder and we're heading toward Hallowe'en, those familiar, the warm and cosies, beckon themselves into the kitchen and onto our tables.... Thank God for that! I love autumnal food... undercurrants of the preceding season and the one to come, where the pallet is darker, more rich and golden, and everthing follows suit...

Anyhow, here is a recipe for my favorite autumn soup.  Simple and crisp like the mornings but with a peppery warmth to match the darker evenings.  

Apple Snip Soup
You'll need
A Large knob of butter
4 large Parsnips, peeled
1 large White onion
2 Red apples, cored and peeled
1 Clove of garlic, crushed
1 litre Stock (veg or chicken)
1 Potato, peeled
1 tsp black pepper
125mls double cream

Chop all the ingredients.  Saute the onions in the butter with the garlic and the apples until the onions are soft and translucent.  Place in a saucepan with the chopped parsnip and potato and cover with the stock.  Bring to the boil and simmer until the vegetables are cooked.  Blend until smooth. Add the cream, the pepper and a pinch of salt and blend.  Salt to taste.  


Lo said...

This looks delightful -- and different. We don't do parsnips nearly often enough, so this would be a nice way to get those into the fall rotation.

You peel the apples, yes?

Lisa said...

Yes, sorry peel and chop everything! leave the cores aside too!

Emily said...

How timely! It is the Apple Festival here this weekend. I really like soup (in any season) but espasialy in this one.

Michelle said...

This sounds intriguing. Apples in a soup, it actually sounds delicious. Soups are wonderful, filling, and there are so many different ones out there that it is impossible to get bored.

Plus, bread is a required accompianment! :-)

Lisa said...

Let me know if you try it!

Nicole said...

You know... I don't think I have ever eaten a parsnip!

Lisa said...

Nicole - seriously? But you must, my favorite veg - just roast em, sliced in olive oil until you can stick a fork in them and eat! They are like a cross between a carrot and a turnip in flavour... but even more delicious!

Nicole said...

Now you are really going to die. To my knowledge I have never had a turnip! Turnips and parsnips always seemed to be just the things of folk tales like in Stone Soup. I'll have to ask my mom.

Lisa said...

NICOLE! There is nothing... and mean nothing, as nice as mashed turnip on toast with lots of black pepper! If you like yam you'll LOVE turnip and parsnip!

Nicole said...

I guess I will have to make a special mission to look for parsnip and turnip and try it out!