I love leftovers... they allow me to find an outlet for my creativity in a day to day environment and that can be very satisfying.

You know the cheese pie I made last week, well a few days later I found a small bit of pastry left in the fridge, and decided I shouldn't let it go to waste.  So in an increasingly bare kitchen (knowing we're leaving for six weeks has been stopping me buying anything but the makings of a dinner!) I hunted out possible fillings. 

 I had watched a very entertaining episode of "Come Dine with Me!" a few days before where an eccentric anthropologist had made a dish called "Strange Thing" which I thought was hilarious! She had just made a pie with anything she had left over and there it was served to her guests! 
So I made a "Strange Thing" - filled it with spinach, pine nuts, parmesan, eggs, and cream.  It was quite nice! 
Nothing to write home about but with a bit of mustard, was welcome in my mouth! 

Pastry just makes everything taste nicer doesn't it!

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