I've been Tagged!

Thanks Ciara over at Milkmoon! I love a good game of tag and this one is a great challenge - 7 facts about ME!

Here they are...

1) My first job was as a pony girl in Brennanstown Stables, Co. Wicklow.  I was 9.

2) Gilbert O'Sullivan is my mothers cousin.

3) I would happily spend €900 on a pair of Manolo Blanhiks... if I had it to spare!

4) I have seen every episode of 'Friends' at least fifty times, have the box set, but still cannot watch anything else if its listed!!

5) I love the idea of bluetooth technology as it allows me to talk to myself out loud in my car without people thinking I'm a looney tune!

6) I allow my son to draw all over the walls of my house and I really do not care if it looks bad!

7) Hmmmm, last but not least, I am a huge Billy Idol fan!

I will in turn tag...

and anyone else who wants to play!!


Michelle said...

I love tags like these! Thanks for tagging me!

Ciara said...

I hate to admit it... but I don't think I've ever seen a complete episode of Friends from beginning to end...!

I love these things. You get to find out stuff about people you think you know! Heh heh!

Emily said...

Thanks for tagging me!

Nicole said...

Thanks for the tag! And #4!! That is SOOOOOO me too! Except I don't have the box set but I record it when it is on so I have them when nothing else interests me. So funny!