A stitch in time...

Last night, as soon as I wrangled myself free of little hands, I headed down to Ciaras for a very pleasant evening of chat and laughter.  Ciara has had a great idea of getting her girlfriends together under a backdrop of knitting and stitching, which is a great incentive to start projects and finish others!!! I have been putting off making the dashboard curtains for our campervan, and so this is a great opportunity to get them done, so I'm determined now to buy the material and get them done! Most of Ciaras circle are proficient dressmakers, and knitters, so its a good place to get help if something isn't working out!People brought mending, knitting and all sorts of crafty projects!

With lovely nibbles and copious amounts of tea, the evening was great fun, the conversation strayed from dressmaking to movies, food, music and back again, and I'm sure the sounds of raucous laughter at times rattled the wildlife! 
Can't wait for next month!


Ciara said...
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Beth said...

Knitting is something that I enjoy as well. But having food offered is even better. I hope that you had fun.