Something for the weekend!

I have a lovely recipe to share with you, a very unusual one, but perfect for a summer brunch, especially since it absolutley requires a chilled bottle of prosecco to be served alongside!

I spotted it in the Cool Camping Cookbook and thought it would either be absolutely gorgeous or completey disgusting... Thankfully its not the latter!

Frittata di Sirena(Mermaid Omelette)

You'll need
10 eggs with 3 tbsp water added, beaten

Handful of fresh Basil, chopped

About 10 - 15 strawberries, chopped

2-3 thin slices of smoked salmon, chopped

Salt and pepper.

Season your eggs and heat up the pan. When its hot, add some olive oil, and then pour the eggs in. Move the eggs around a bit and then leave them to settle. When they are cooked on the bottom add the strawberries, basil and salmon. Cook through, using the grill to finish off the top. Leave to cool and then serve with mayonaisse mixed with some balsamic vinegar.

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Ciara said...

Oooo! I'm intrigued! I'll have to try this now...