Whats the irish for antipasti?

Antipasti. Mezze. Tapas. All conjure up visions of food laden tables, eager hands and spoons filling plates, tearing bread, a bit of this, a bit of that... a feast for the mouth, and for the eyes!

Its funny because most people forget we have always had our own version of this, don't you remember when your mother handed out cold dinners of egg mayonnaise, coleslaw, salad, meat, served with copious amounts of tea?

Whats the Irish for antipasti? Its an institution in most households I know. Yet it has no official name. High tea maybe, as in The Famous Five? Anyway, in our house its been nicknamed an "Irish Antipasti" and its usually served up after we've done a large food shop and I can't be bothered doing more than boiling a few eggs.

Forget the chorizo, the dolmades, even the olives and fill your plates with natives! Ham, corned beef, cheddar cheese, bread, coleslaw, vegetables and pickles - help yourself!... its such a very nice way to eat!

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