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Baby food in jars disgust my son. From day one he point blank refused to eat one spoon, no matter how menu-fied the name... Fishermans supper, Grandmas Sunday roast etc... He will just about tolerate a plain apple sauce but the rest he won't entertain for one minute. Which is fine by me. I bought one or two at the beginning, still finding my feet after a ten year gap between my children, but swiftly learned that it was money wasted. I also realised that it is infinitely easier to include Joe in the family pot, and since he started eating, he has eaten with us at the table, and served the same as the rest of us.

However, lunch has always caught me sideways where Joe is concerned and especially since his appetite has grown! I rarely have more than a sandwich or a bowl of soup nowadays so I always need to prepare him something else. Some days he'll have a kiwi and a yoghurt, maybe some liga but most days I will prepare a variation of the recipe below. Its simple, quick as you like, and he loves it! Below makes enough for 3 or 4 servings.

Grubbymans Favorite Lunch.

1 bag instant cous cous

1 tin wild red salmon (boneless and skinless)

handful parsley, chopped

half clove garlic, crushed

tablespoon mayonnaise.

Prepare the cous cous as per the instructions, stir through the salmon, parsley, garlic and mayonnaise.

Spoon into waiting mouth!

I always put a few extra spoons into his bowl, so I can sample some without depriving him - Its irresistable!

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Ciara said...

Oh boy do I need inspiration for baby! Thanks!
And I reckon Joe is the irresistable one!