Shroom for more...

Today I was feeling the drag of these "is it winter, is it spring" days, I longed to throw open my windows and feel sun on my face, but I knew the view from my window was misleading, the bright grecian sky was teasing, the daffodil sun a mere illusion...

I dislike this time of year, its not one thing or the other, when inticed by cloudless blue skies and the summery brightness I venture out only to wish I'd brought another jumper... and worn socks...

This afternoon, I began feeling the rumbling of hunger and wandered into the kitchen to have a snuffle around and see what I could put together for dinner... The mirage of summer outside made me feel like eating something fresh and light but the cold glass of the windows, and the draft coming under the door to taunt my feet made me long for something hearty, full of flavour.

Mushrooms have the perfect balance between summer lightness and winter stodge and as I love mushrooms and always have plenty in stock, I decided to make one of our favorites - Mushroom tagliatelle as inspired by a lovely picture in Gordon Ramsays Fast Food. I usually fry the mushrooms with onion and garlic, lace with olive oil and stir through pasta adding plenty of salt and pepper and grated parmesan... For some reason today, however, I took down the book and took a long proper look at the recipe as it should be. Shallots, not onions. Shaved parmesan, and lots of fresh herbs, parsley, rocket and chives!!

Intrigued, I weighed out the mushrooms, chopped shallots finely with crushed garlic into the pan to sizzle, added mushrooms then the herbs... stir stir.... into the pasta and onto the table. Simple, not too different in preparation than my own.

However the difference was in the eating. The oily pasta, tang of chives, slippery mushroom and salty cheese... and then the crunch of the rocket... fantastic! I knew instantly that no other mushroom pasta would be prepared in my kitchen but this one!

Its true that inspiration is key to any creative process, all artists need to be inspired, but for something to be great, for a masterpiece, you will first need to accept the instruction of a maestro!

Tagliatelli of wild mushrooms - Gordon Ramsay

500g wild mushrooms

2 large shallots, finely chopped

1 large cloves of garlic, crushed

Handful of parsley, chives and rocket, roughly chopped

Fresh tagliatelli

Shavings of parmesan

Olive oil


Fry the shallots and garlic in olive oil till transparent and golden, add mushrooms.

When the mushrooms are cooked stir in the herbs and season.

Add to just cooked pasta, top with parmesan and serve.


Beth said...

I know this is from an old post but I have to ask what is rocket? I've not heard of it before. :)

Lisa Conmara said...

its called Arugula in the U.S. and Canada I think?

Its proper name is..."Eruca sativa"... Imagine asking for that in your grocers!