I want...

K, so the weather is easing up and we are starting to think about going camping.  Ladybird is still happy to hold us and we're not ones to waste opportunities! Anyhoo I've been surfing online to see what gadgets await! 
I love waffles, don't eat enough of them actually, there is nothing as pleasing as a waffle with clotted cream, jam and fresh strawberries (Yes Ciara and I am looking out for gluten free waffles so we can eat this together...!) all piled high with a steaming cup of tea and a fork in hand.

So I was looking for waffle recipes and then I spotted this!
A camping waffle iron! I must have one! Oh you know me - I love cooking anything the hard way so why not cook waffles over the fire, can you think of anything more hardy and outdoorsy? I'd be "mom/wife/camp neighbor" of the year! 

Marvellous! I'll let you know when I try it out!


Ciara Brehony said...

Ooh now you're talking! You know what? You've given me an idea... I might just try buckwheat ones in my waffle maker (plug-in...I know, not as cool).

Breakfast here next week?

Lo said...

Oh, hurrah! I definitely need one of these for my next outdoor cooking adventure.

Nothing like a steaming waffle in the wilderness, I say!