Around the world...

I love taking photos of food, so I was happy to help when a friend called and said she was hoping I'd pop down and take some photos of a world food fair she had organised!  I was delighted!  
The fair took place in Microsoft, Sandyford, and was an amazing smorgasbord of cuisine from all around the globe.  Staff members were asked to bring a traditional dish from their home country and for a small cover charge, they could then try a little of each! 
What a great idea! The different colours, textures and smells from all over the world spread before me like a patchwork quilt made me glad I'd skipped breakfast!! 

My favorites were the Custard tarts from Portugal, and the Cabbage soup from Slovakia which I MUST have the recipe for immediatley!! 
My photos can not even tell half the story, it was such a wonderful fair and such an amazing idea,  hopefully a good chunk of money was raised for charity! 


Michelle said...

Wow, I go missing for 6 months, and everybody has changed their blogs! Looks great!

And of course the food looks fantastic. I know you didn't cook it, but this sounds like a foodie's heaven. All that different cuisine, yumm! I need to do a scan through, catch up on everything.

Lo said...

Oh, yum. I'm with you on the cabbage soup... and those are some great photos you took, Lisa (she was smart to ask to put you on that task!)

Anonymous said...